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Enter food name and select from the list. Result is foods energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, sugar, salt, etc. The data source is Fineli, the National Food Composition Database maintained by the Finnish National Board of Health and Welfare.

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Pasta, multigrain, boiled without salt
Pasta, multigrain, boiled, salt
Pasta, multigrain, wheat, rye and barley
Pasta, naturally gluten-free, boiled without salt
Pasta, rich in fiber, naturally gluten-free
Pasta, spaghetti, boiled without salt
Pasta, spaghetti, boiled, oil, without salt
Pasta, spaghetti, boiled, salt
Pasta, spaghetti, macaroni
Pasta, spaghetti, macaroni, naturally gluten-free
Pasta, spaghetti, spinach, boiled without salt
Pasta, wheat germ pasta
Pastille sweetened with xylitol
Pastille sweetened with xylitol, added vitamin c
Pastry with potato and cocoa
Pea shoot
Pea soup with pork
Pea soup, canned, diluted, with pork
Pea soup, canned, undiluted, with pork
Pea stew, dried peas
Pea stew, milk and fresh peas
Pea, green
Pea, green, dried
Pea, green, frozen
Peach, canned, in syrup
Peach, dried
Peach/nectarine, average, with stone
Peach/nectarine, without skin and stone
Peanut butter with added salt and sugar
Peanut butter without added salt
Peanut oil
Pear juice, unsweetened
Pear, with skin
Pear, without skin
Peas, boiled without salt
Peasoup with beef steak mince
Peasoup with medium fat beef
Pelmeni, dumpling filled with minced meat
Pepper, black pepper
Pepper, white pepper
Perch loaf, fish in rye crust
Perch, baked in foil with butter
Perch, breaded, fried
Perch, fried
Perch, fried in butter
Pesto sauce, herb sauce
Pickled cucumber, sweet, flavoured
Pickled onion
Pike α la homburg
Pike, breaded, fried
Pike, fried in butter
Pilaf rice, spicy, boiled in meat bouillon
Pine nut, pine kernel
Pineapple juice, unsweetened, vitamin c
Pineapple salsa
Pineapple, canned, in own juice
Pineapple, canned, in syrup
Pineapple, dried
Pineapple, with skin
Pineapple, without skin
Pita kebab, kebab roll
Pizza crust, basic pizza dough
Pizza, anchovy and olive pizza
Pizza, beef mince pizza
Pizza, beef mince pizza, gluten-free
Pizza, champignon pizza
Pizza, chicken and avocado pizza
Pizza, chicken and pineapple pizza
Pizza, chicken pizza, pineapple, blue cheese
Pizza, ham and mushroom pizza
Pizza, ham and pineapple pizza
Pizza, ham and tuna pizza
Pizza, ham pizza
Pizza, ham pizza, pineapple, blue cheese
Pizza, ham pizza, shrimp, mushroom, tuna fish
Pizza, ham pizza, shrimp, pineapple, blue cheese
Pizza, kebab pizza, onion, pepperoni
Pizza, margherita pizza, tomato sauce and cheese
Pizza, mozzarella pizza, tomato, pesto
Pizza, pork beef mince pizza
Pizza, salami pizza
Pizza, salami pizza, ham, minced meat and onion
Pizza, salami pizza, ham, shrimp and onion
Pizza, seafood pizza, tuna, shrimp, mussel
Pizza, shellfish pizza, mussel, shrimp, olive

The food source is the Fineli database of the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare. Please note that there may be errors in the information and you should make interpretations and conclusions at your own risk. People with special diets should talk about changing their diet with a doctor in charge.
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