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Enter food name and select from the list. Result is foods energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, sugar, salt, etc. The data source is Fineli, the National Food Composition Database maintained by the Finnish National Board of Health and Welfare.

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Roe sauce, crème fraîche
Roe, average
Roe, average, salted
Rofous milkcap
Romaine lettuce
Root patee, carrot, swede, potato
Root vegetable hash, no potato
Root vegetable, average, light colored
Root vegetables, baked
Root vegetables, baked, salt and oil
Root vegetables, mashed, low-fat milk
Rose hip
Rose hip kissel, rose hip soup
Rose hip puree without sugar
Rose hip, dried
Roulade with smoked ham, low-fat
Rowan berry
Rum cola
Runeberg's cake
Rusk, gluten-free
Russian fish soup, solyanka
Russian fish soup, solyanka, salmon
Rye bran
Rye bread snack
Rye bread, 51% rye
Rye bread, dried rye bread
Rye bread, potato rye bread
Rye bread, rye mixed grain bread
Rye bread, sweet and sour rye malt bread
Rye bread, water, rye and dark wheat flour
Rye bread, wholegrain rye, low-sodium
Rye bread, wholegrain rye, potato, ruispalat
Rye flakes
Rye grain, crushed
Rye gruel, rye flakes, milk, salt
Rye gruel, rye flour, juice, salt
Rye gruel, rye flour, water, salt
Rye lingonberry porridge, salt, without sugar
Rye macaroni
Rye macaroni, boiled, salt
Rye macaroni, boiled, without salt
Rye malt
Rye porridge, rye flakes, milk, salt
Rye porridge, rye flakes, water, salt
Rye porridge, rye flakes, water, without salt
Rye porridge, rye flour, milk, salt
Rye porridge, rye flour, water, salt
Rye potato porridge, water, salt
Rye, wheat and potato dough
Ryebread, water, wholegrain rye flour
Saithe and potato casserole, low-fat milk
Saithe and rice casserole
Saithe spinach casserole, low-fat milk
Saithe with almond and cooking cream 15%
Saithe, boiled, without salt
Saithe, breaded, fried
Saithe, fried
Saithe, frozen
Saithe, oven-baked
Salad dressing, <17% fat, low-fat
Salad dressing, caesar dressing
Salad dressing, creamy
Salad dressing, french dressing
Salad dressing, french dressing, oil, vinegar
Salad dressing, mustard, oil, juice, vinegar
Salad dressing, yoghurt, home-made
Salad nicoise, potato, boiled egg, anchovis
Salad, average mixture
Salad, average mixture without sauce
Salad, avocado potato salad, olive oil
Salad, beetroot and apple
Salad, beetroot salad with mayonnaise
Salad, beetroot, mushrooms and apple
Salad, cabbage and beetroot
Salad, cabbage and lingonberry
Salad, cabbage and pineapple
Salad, cabbage and pumpkin
Salad, cabbage, apple and pickled cucumber
Salad, cabbage, carrot and orange
Salad, cabbage, carrot, pineapple, mayonnaise
Salad, cabbage, cucumber and leek
Salad, cabbage, pea, sweet corn and sweet pepper
Salad, carrot and apple, grated
Salad, carrot and cottage cheese, grated

The food source is the Fineli database of the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare. Please note that there may be errors in the information and you should make interpretations and conclusions at your own risk. People with special diets should talk about changing their diet with a doctor in charge.
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