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Enter food name and select from the list. Result is foods energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, sugar, salt, etc. The data source is Fineli, the National Food Composition Database maintained by the Finnish National Board of Health and Welfare.

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Thin pancake, beestings
Thin pancake, fat-free milk
Thin pancake, low-fat milk
Thin pancake, sour milk
Thin pancake, water
Thin pancake, whole milk
Thin potato pancake, fat-free milk
Thin potato pancake, low-fat milk
Thin spinach pancake, spinach crepes, industrial
Tilapia, fried
Tilapia, imported fish
Tilapia, oven-baked
Toast, cheese toast, linkosuo
Toast, gluten-free
Toast, gluten-free, contains wheat starch
Toast, graham toast
Toast, high-fibre, low sodium
Toast, multigrain toast
Toast, oats toast, oat flour, oat flakes
Toast, rye toast
Toast, wheat toast
Tofu and mixed beans gravy, with tomato
Tofu and potato casserole, contains egg
Tofu noodle wok
Tofu vegetable gravy, with tomato
Tofu vegetable wok, wok-vegetables
Tofu, breaded, fried in oil
Tofu, soya product
Tom collins, gin cocktail
Tomato filled with mushrooms, breadcrumbs
Tomato juice, unsweetened
Tomato ketchup
Tomato ketchup, reduced salt and sugar
Tomato puree
Tomato salsa
Tomato salsa, industrial
Tomato sauce
Tomato soup
Tomato, grilled
Tomato, sun-dried, in oil
Tomatoes, crushed, canned
Tongue, beef
Tongue, beef, boiled
Tonic water
Tortilla chips, taco shell
Tosca cake
Tuna and mashed potato casserole, low-fat milk
Tuna bolognese
Tuna salad with egg, without dressing
Tuna salad with pasta and legumes
Tuna salad with potato, without dressing
Tuna salad with rice, without dressing
Tuna salad with vegetables, without dressing
Tuna, average
Tuna, fried
Tuna, in oil, canned
Tuna, in water, canned
Turkey breast
Turkey breast, fried
Turkey breast, oven-baked
Turkey cold cuts
Turkey cordon bleu, fried
Turkey mince patty, fried
Turkey mince, fat 5-6%
Turkey mince, fried
Turkey mince, fried without fat
Turkey salad with fruits, sour cream dressing
Turkey salad with pasta, oil-based dressing
Turkey schnitzel, breaded, oven-baked
Turkey vegetable wok
Turkey with skin
Turkey, boiled, unsalted
Turkey, oven-baked
Tzatziki, feta sauce, yoghurt sauce
Tzatziki, greek yoghurt sauce
Vanilla sauce, low-fat milk, potato flour
Vanilla sauce, low-fat milk, wheat flour
Vanillin sauce
Vanillin sugar
Vatruska, potato pasty with rice
Veal knuckle, simmered
Veal roast, oven-baked
Veal roast, raw
Vegan frankfurter gravy
Vegan frankfurter soup

The food source is the Fineli database of the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare. Please note that there may be errors in the information and you should make interpretations and conclusions at your own risk. People with special diets should talk about changing their diet with a doctor in charge.
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