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Enter food name and select from the list. Result is foods energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, sugar, salt, etc. The data source is Fineli, the National Food Composition Database maintained by the Finnish National Board of Health and Welfare.

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Blood bread, rye and barley bread with blood
Blood pancake
Blood pancake, industrial
Blood sausage, black sausage
Bloody mary
Blue cheese sauce, thickened with flour and fat
Blueberry puree, sweetened
Blueberry, bilberry
Boiled coffee drink
Bolognese, beef mince
Bolognese, beef mince, powdered gravy mix
Bolognese, beef mince, thickened
Bolognese, beef steak mince
Bolognese, beef steak mince, powdered gravy mix
Bolognese, beef steak mince, thickened
Bolognese, lean steak mince 7%
Bolognese, lean steak mince 7%, thickened
Bolognese, minced elk
Bolognese, minced lamb
Bolognese, pork beef mince
Bolognese, pork beef mince, powdered gravy mix
Bolognese, pork beef mince, powdered gravy mix
Bolognese, pork beef mince, thickened
Bolognese, reindeer mince, crème fraîche
Borsch with beef
Borsch with frankfurters
Breakfast cereal, bran flakes, whole wheat flakes
Breakfast cereal, cheerios, oat, nestle
Breakfast cereal, chocolate cereal, average
Breakfast cereal, corn flakes
Breakfast cereal, honey wheat loops, top food
Breakfast cereal, mixed grain
Breakfast cereal, rice krispies
Breakfast cereal, rice-wheat flakes
Breakfast cereal, rye cereal, quaker fras
Breakfast cereal, sugar-coated corn flakes
Breakfast cereal, weetabix banana flavour
Breakfast cereal, weetabix original
Breakfast cereal, wheat loops
Bream, smoked
Breast milk
Broccoli stew
Broccoli, boiled without salt
Broccoli, boiled, salt
Brown gravy, no added fat
Brown gravy, thickened with butter and flour
Brown gravy, thickened with fat and flour
Brown gravy, thickened with oil and flour
Brownie cookie, industrial
Brussels sprout
Brussels sprout, boiled without salt
Brussels sprout, boiled, salt
Buckwheat gruel, milk, salt
Buckwheat porridge, milk, salt
Buckwheat porridge, water, salt
Buckwheat, boiled without salt
Buckwheat, boiled, salt
Bun, cinnamon bun, high-fat, low-fat milk
Bun, cinnamon bun, high-fat, water, oil
Bun, cinnamon bun, high-fat, whole milk, butter
Bun, cinnamon bun, industrial, water
Bun, fat-free milk powder, bakery
Bun, high-fat, low-fat milk, bakery
Bun, low-fat milk
Bun, low-fat milk, artificially sweetened
Bun, low-fat milk, butter
Bun, low-fat milk, egg-free
Bun, low-fat milk, lactose-free
Bun, low-fat milk, oil
Bun, low-fat milk, sweetened with fructose
Bun, low-fat, low-fat milk

The food source is the Fineli database of the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare. Please note that there may be errors in the information and you should make interpretations and conclusions at your own risk. People with special diets should talk about changing their diet with a doctor in charge.
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