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Enter food name and select from the list. Result is foods energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, sugar, salt, etc. The data source is Fineli, the National Food Composition Database maintained by the Finnish National Board of Health and Welfare.

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Chocolate, milk chocolate
Chocolate, milk chocolate with hazelnuts
Chocolate, plain, dark chocolate
Chocolate, plain, dark chocolate, 80%
Chocolate, white chocolate
Chopped mushroom and onion
Chorizo, fried without fat
Christmas star pastry
Cider, 0.7% volume
Cider, dry 4.7% volume
Cider, dry, 5.5% volume
Cider, light, 4.7% volume
Cider, sweet, <3% volume
Cider, sweet, 4.7% volume
Cocoa butter
Cocoa powder with sugar
Cocoa powder, unsweetened
Cocoa, hot chocolate, low-fat milk, sweetened
Cocoa, hot chocolate, low-fat milk, unsweetened
Cocoa, hot chocolate, sugar-free, water
Cocoa, hot chocolate, water, sweetened
Cocoa, hot chocolate, whole milk, sweetened
Coconut butter
Coconut drink, added vitamins
Coconut flake
Coconut milk
Coconut oil
Coconut water, unsweetened
Cod, boiled without salt
Cod, oven-baked
Coffee, average
Coffee, instant, drink
Cold cucumber soup
Cold tomato soup, gazpacho
Cold tuna sauce, sour cream
Cooking cream, 15% fat
Cooking cream, 19% fat
Cooking cream, 5% fat, low-lactose
Cooking cream, vegetable fat, 15% fat
Cooking cream, vegetable fat, 4% fat
Cooking cream, vegetable fat, 4% fat, low-lactose
Cooking cream, vegetable fat, 5% fat, low-lactose
Cooking cream, vegetable fat, 7 % fat
Cooking cream, vegetable fat, 7% fat, low-lactose
Cooking fat, average
Coriander, fresh
Corn oil, maize oil
Corn salad, lamb's lettuce
Corn snack, puffed, corn puffs without added salt
Corn starch, maizena brown/light
Corn starch, maizena express
Cottage cheese, 1.5% fat
Cottage cheese, 2-5% fat
Cottage cheese, 2-5% fat, lactose-free
Cottage cheese, 2-5% fat, low-lactose
Cottage cheese, fat-free, low-lactose
Couscous, cooked with oil and salt
Cranberry kissel, cranberry soup
Cranberry-lingonberryjuice, unsweetened
Crayfish, boiled
Cream cheese, 30% fat, flavoured, low-lactose
Cream cheese, 6-11% fat, flavoured
Cream cheese, low-fat, 11% fat, plain
Cream cheese, low-fat, 20% fat, plain
Cream cheese, mascarpone, 38% fat
Cream cracker, naturally gluten-free
Cream cracker, water biscuit
Cream liqueur, 15-17% volume
Cream quark, 10% fat
Cream sauce with meat bouillon
Cream, low-fat, 1o% fat, low-lactose
Cream, low-fat, 25% fat
Creamy brussels sprout soup
Creamy chicken vegetable soup
Creamy false morel soup
Creamy jerusalem artichoke soup
Creamy lemon sauce
Creamy mushroom soup
Creamy mussel soup
Creamy nettle soup, vegetable bouillon and cream

The food source is the Fineli database of the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare. Please note that there may be errors in the information and you should make interpretations and conclusions at your own risk. People with special diets should talk about changing their diet with a doctor in charge.
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