Waist circumference

Measuring waist circumference is a good way to find out your own health risks. Fat in the abdominal cavity increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. The risk of diabetes also increases.

Measure waist circumference with a tape measure 2 cm above the navel. Breathe normally out and exhaling - when the belly is at its lowest - see the result of the measurement. Keep the measuring tape lightly around the waist. It should not be too slack, but not too tight either.

For women, the target value is 80 cm or less, for men 94 cm or less (WHO).

If you do not have a tape measure for measuring your waist size, you can for example use a belt, and then measure the length of the belt.

Waist circumference interpretation

Measuring waist circumference
Target<= 80 cm<= 94 cm
Increased risk> 80 cm - 88 cm> 94 cm - 102 cm
Significant risk> 88 cm> 102 cm

Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

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