Your waist-hip ratio is: 0,82
You are pear-shaped - Normal risk

Risk interpretation is only for adults above 18 years.

Waist circumference:90cm
Hip circumference:110cm

According to the index, your risk is normal.

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Remember that the waist-to-hip ratio is just one reading among others. If you are worried about the health situation, you should first seek healthcare professionals.

The risk limits for waist-to-hip ratio are:

Normal risk< 0,8< 0,9
Increased risk0,8 - < 0,850,9 - < 1
Significantly increased risk>= 0,85>= 1

Body mass index does not indicate how your body is shaped. It is good to look also for other indicators. Waist-hip-ratio is useful because it tells where the possible fat is. Fat around your stomach is especially dangerous - fat that is gathered around internal organs, for instance liver.

Health risks increase if waist-hip-ratio increases. Waist-hip-ratio takes better account your body shape. Body mass index varies greatly depending on if you are for instance lean or muscular. The body mass index is totally different for these two types. However both these body types can be described as healthy.

The waist-hip-ratio has also problems. There are personal factors and it is yet again difficult to make generalisations. It should be noted that WHO has not made universal recommendations on waist-hip ratio.

See: World Health Organization (WHO)
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